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Mar 25, 2021

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Your Bridesmaid Questions Answered!

In the world of weddings, the to-do list can be endless, and for many brides, figuring out the details for your bridesmaid party is at the top. There’s no time like the present to answer all your burning bridesmaid questions; from what they should wear to coordinating the whole bridal party, we’re here to help! Let’s dive into some of the most popular questions.

What’s the perfect number of bridesmaids?

This one can be tricky. If your inner circle is large, you can go in two directions. Include everyone or narrow it down to just the few that you’re truly the closest to. Somewhere between six to eight girls is a solid number that won’t feel too overwhelming. If you’re having a super casual affair, keeping your bridal party small, with just a maid of honor and only one or two other bridesmaids, will feel perfect for the occasion.    

Do I need the same number of groomsmen?

No! The closer you can get to a similar number, the better, but this day is all about what feels right for you and your other half. There’s no need to add a groomsman or bridesmaid just to even things out. Just as you picked the girls that you feel closest to, your groom should do the same, and if that number isn’t perfectly balanced, have no fear! You can always get creative when it comes time to picking pairs or even sets of threes to walk down the aisle. Leave the picture perfection to your photographer—they’re the pros at making sure your wedding party looks balanced and beautiful in photos!

Can I mix and match the styles and colors my girls will be wearing?

Absolutely! You can’t go wrong keeping everything uniform, but versatility is an equally stunning route to take! In terms of length, either go all long or all short, but have fun with your colors and details! Pinks make for a beautiful blend starting from pale pastel to a soft blush to a bright rosy shade! For sleeve styles, we love the look of mixing and matching off-the-shoulder, one shoulder, and strapless!

When should my BFFs start buying their dresses?

If you’ve gone wedding dress shopping, you’ve probably heard this one before. Ordering your dress can take time, as can the alterations. The process for bridesmaids’ gowns isn’t as lengthy, but it’s always a good idea to get started early. Once your besties have ordered their gowns, it can take up to three or four months for them to arrive. Then you need to factor in another six weeks for alterations to be safe, so no one is scrambling last minute!

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