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Feb 21, 2024

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Wedding dresses come in many shapes and styles, but one of the most popular is the A-line. A-line wedding dresses are one of the most flattering silhouettes, designed with a form-fitting bodice, cinching in right at the natural waistline, with a skirt that flares out like the shape of the letter “A.” This universal style has been a favorite amongst brides for many years because of its effortless feel and ideal fit. From princess dresses to corset bodices, strapless styles, and lace detailing, we’re sharing the trending A-line wedding dress designs of 2024.

A-line Princess Wedding Dress

If you’re looking to feel like a princess on your wedding day, then an A-line wedding dress is the perfect silhouette! With its cinched waist and flowing skirt, the shape an A-line wedding dress gives you is positively regal. Our Petal Wedding Dress is for our fairytale princess. The flowing A-line has a sweetheart bodice with asymmetric ruching with colorful pearl and crystal beading. Beautiful three-dimensional floral embroidery cascades down the gown and accents the detachable off-the-shoulder sleeves, while delicate ruffles in the skirt add lovely texture and dimension to the dress. Our Patricia Wedding Dress is an modern princess A-line with classic details. The strapless sweetheart bodice features intricate frosted, embroidery with boning for added structure and support. The sleek, pleated satin skirt creates a lovely contrast, floating off the body in an A-line silhouette. The front skirt slit shows off some skin and we love the fun addition of pockets to the gown. Our Marguerite Wedding Dress is classic princess all the way! The elegant A-line features a boned bodice, adorned with pearl and crystal beaded, frosted embroidered lace, and cap sleeves that lead a beautiful open, V-shaped back. Delicate three-dimensional petals float down the tulle skirt with a crystal beaded waistband to define your figure and add some extra sparkle.

Modified A-line Wedding Dress

If the look of an A-line wedding gown feels too traditional, consider a modified A-line wedding dress. Where the A-line silhouette normally nips in right at the natural waistline, a modified A-line has more of a drop waist—with a bodice fitted throughout the hips flaring out from there. A modified A-line wedding dress is a twist on the classic shape that will feel unique at your wedding. Our Julia wedding dress, style 2522 is the perfect example! This playful wedding dress has a drop waist bodice with gorgeous embroidered lace appliqués, accented by pearl and crystal beading, over shimmering glitter net. The modified A-line skirt provides the perfect contrast in sleek satin with a bustle in the back to add some drama to the dress. Four our glamorous brides, our top pick for a modified A-line gown is our Mattea Wedding Dress. The gleaming gown has pearl and crystal beading lining the sweetheart neckline on the boned bodice, defining the unique drop waist on the modified silhouette. The beading has a raindrop effect cascading down the tulle skirt, while chandelier sleeves give the gown some added drama. 

Corset A-line Wedding Dress

Corsets have been a staple in women’s fashion for centuries, so we’re not surprised that over the last few seasons, corsets have been making waves in the bridal industry. Whether you love them for the incredible structure and support they provide or as a couture fashion statement, it’s easy to see why brides are loving corset wedding dresses. With different styles of corsetry, you can find the perfect corset A-line wedding dress for you! We’re swooning over our Pilar Wedding Dress! The enchanting A-line has a sheer corset bodice with pearl and crystal beaded embroidery that climbs down the dress like delicate ivy. The pleated tulle skirt is lightweight with a font skirt slit for added movement.  If you prefer the look of a lined bodice, we think you’ll like our Pippa Wedding Dress. The couture A-line has a corset bodice and chic cowl neckline that has a sculptural look. The petal satin has a subtle luminosity that will have you glowing, while the skirt creates a flattering shape featuring a daring slit. The addition of pockets is both fun and functional and buttons down to the hemline are a classic touch.

Black A-line Wedding Dress

While black might not be the first color you think of when it comes to wedding dresses, black gowns are on the rise! Whether it’s the air of mystery they bring or the added drama, we’re loving the alternative look of black wedding dresses. Pair that with the ultra-flattering A-line silhouette and it’s a match made in heaven! Our Nalani Wedding Dress comes looks dark and dreamy in the black colorway. The whimsical gown has a boned sweetheart bodice featuring asymmetrical draping with three-dimensional floral accents that float down the dress. The airy tulle has an effortless look and we love the playful addition of the detachable floral off-the-shoulder sleeves. If your style leans more towards boho bride, but you want a black wedding dress, we’ve got you covered! Our Rosa Wedding Dress is our dream boho black A-line wedding dress. Crystal beaded, embroidered appliqués cascade down a plunging bodice to a tulle skirt that floats off the body. The double-banded waist helps to enhance the shape the A-line silhouette gives you. 

Strapless A-line Wedding Dress

A strapless wedding dress has a classic feel that brides crave. It’s simplistic and elegant, and depending on the cut of the neckline can lean from modern to romantic. A style like a strapless sweetheart is a great choice for brides with smaller busts as the heart-shaped neckline can help to enhance your curves. A straight strapless neckline has a more clean and contemporary feel to it and really highlights your decolletage. Two strapless A-line wedding dresses that we love are our Phyllis Wedding Dress and our Pearlina Wedding Dress. Phyllis is an understated and elegant strapless gown that has a regal feel. The  A-line satin gown has a lustrous look with delicately beaded floral lace appliqués cascading down the dress and accenting the chapel length train. The strapless bodice has boning for added structure and support with classic buttons down to the hemline. Our Pearlina dress is dripping in pearls featuring a breezy A-line silhouette in glistening pearl beaded net. The sculptured strapless bodice has delicate pleating and an exaggerated sweetheart neckline with a cool geometric keyhole in the back.

Slim A-line Wedding Dress

As we described before, A-line wedding dresses have a fitted bodice with a skirt that flares out from the natural waistline; its width gradually increases towards the hem to create an “A” shape. Some brides might not want the volume of a traditional A-line gown nor do they want a more fitted wedding dress silhouette, like a sheath or fit and flare. If you are in this predicament, there’s no need to worry! You can try a slim A-line. A slim A-line wedding dress offers the same shape as the classic silhouette, but with a skirt that sits closer to the body. As the name would suggest, the slimmer skirt of this style gently cascades off the body and is not fitted. If you’re interested in wearing a slim A-line wedding dress we’ve got you covered! Our Preciosa Wedding Dress is full-on floral with frosted, allover floral embroidered net on a relaxed A-line silhouette. The sweetheart bodice has a sheer inset with accents of floral patterned beading for added dimension. Detachable floral beaded straps give you versatility in styling and the scalloped hemline is a dainty touch. For a twist on a slim A-line wedding Dress there’s our Pandora Wedding Dress. The stunning gown has a slim crepe skirt with an A-line tulle overlay for an ethereal effect. Crystal beaded, three-dimensional floral lace decorates the dress, cascading down from the boned bodice to the airy A-line overlay. Our Prospera Wedding Dress is a cool and casual slim A-line gown. The corset bodice features pearl and crystal beaded botanical embroidery over romantic Chantilly lace. The narrow chiffon skirt has a breezy quality to it as it floats off the body, perfect for a beach or summer wedding dress

Satin A-line Wedding Dress

You can get an A-line wedding dress in almost any of the popular bridal fabrics—think tulle and lace—but there’s something so cool and classy about a satin A-line wedding dress. This luxe fabric has a delicate luminosity to it and lends itself beautifully to sleek and stylish looks. If you are looking for a plus size satin A-line wedding dress, then meet our Nancy Wedding Dress. The elegant A-line glows in simple soft satin featuring a draped cowl neckline with detachable off-the-shoulder sleeves that create a cold-shoulder effect. The banded waist helps to create a flattering silhouette, while the skirt delicately floats off the body with a slit for added movement on the sleek satin wedding dress! Modern and sophisticated, our Pia Wedding Dress shines in radiant stretch Larissa satin. The strapless bodice has sculptural draping that creates stunning texture on a ball gown skirt that reveals a sultry pop of leg. Buttons down to the hemline are a classic touch to this contemporary gown. 

Lace A-line Wedding Dress

There’s something so timeless about a lace wedding dress! The delicate weaving, beautiful patterns, and intricate details make lace one of the most popular wedding dress fabrics. So it’s no surprise to us that so many brides want the classic look of an A-line lace wedding dress. With so many different lace variations and styles, we’re positive you can find your perfect lace A-line wedding dress! Our Palmina Wedding Dress has a fresh and feminine feel in allover floral embroidered net with a gossamer tulle overlay. The sheer boned bodice has a chic square neckline and delicate v-back with three-dimensional, frosted floral appliqués accenting the dress. The front skirt slit creates a sultry pop of leg and adds more movement to the flowing A-line silhouette. Our Paloma Wedding Dress looks like couture bridal with a chic corset bodice and luxe lace. The sheer, off-the-shoulder bodice reveals the expert boning for a perfect fit with delicately beaded, three-dimensional floral accents. The Chantilly lace overlay has an intricate design that creates an ethereal look to the gown.

A-line Ball Gown Wedding Dress

Love the shape of an A-line wedding dress, but looking for more volume? Well, then an A-line Ball Gown wedding dress is for you! Combining the elegant and flattering shape of the A-line silhouette with the fuller skirt of a ball gown, an A-line ball gown is the perfect princess dress! If this is the style you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered. Dreamy draping takes center stage on our Pacifica Wedding Dress. The floating tulle ball gown has a sheer corset bodice featuring asymmetrical draping with detachable off-the-shoulder sleeves. Floral organza embroidery has an ethereal effect, cascading down the A-line skirt, offering delicate texture to the effortless dress. Our plus size brides will love the fairytale look of our Natalia Wedding Dress. The A-line ball gown has an illusion bodice that allows for a plunging sweetheart neckline designed with frosted, three-dimensional floral embroidery that cascades down the dress. We love the open back with sheer detailing and the sequined tulle gives the gown a celestial sparkle. Bold frosted floral embroidered appliqués cascade down our Primrose Wedding Dress. The sheer corset bodice creates a striking contrast against the embroidery while the A-line ball gown skirt sparkles with every move in sequined tulle. Detachable sheer bishop sleeves add to the fairytale feel of the dress.

A-line Wedding Dress Silhouette FAQs

What is an A-line Wedding Dress?

When talking about A-line wedding dresses, we are referring to the silhouette, or shape, of the dress. An A-line gown is one of the most popular wedding dress silhouettes, getting its name from the shape of the skirt, which is reminiscent of the capital letter A. A-line wedding dresses have a form-fitting bodice that typically ends right at the natural waistline where it meets the flared skirt that gradually widens towards hem—giving it that “A” shape. 

Are A-line Wedding Dresses Flattering?

A-line wedding dresses are largely considered to be one of the most flattering silhouettes. With a fitted bodice and flared skirt, A-line gowns emphasize the look of a narrow waist. Regardless of body type, A-line wedding dresses will highlight all of your best features and are considered ideal when it comes to curvy brides or pear-shaped brides who don’t want to show off their curves. 

What are the Different Styles of A-line Wedding Dresses Available?

A-line wedding dresses come in almost any style imaginable. When a dress is called “A-line” that is simply referring to the silhouette, meaning you can have a variety of necklines, fabrics, details, and styles to choose from! We think a boho A-line wedding dress is to die for. The effortless silhouette perfectly suits the boho style and paired with botanical details you can’t go wrong. With such a universally flattering shape, many brides want a classic A-line wedding dress. Timeless details and elegant fabrics make a classic A-line wedding dress easy to love. If traditional isn’t your thing, go for a modern A-line wedding dress. Think sleek fabric, like satin or crepe, with a clean strapless neckline and textural details. Of course, there’s always a romantic A-line wedding dress with billowing fabrics, decadent details, and the perfect pop of sparkle for a dream A-line wedding dress. If you’re not really sure about the overall style, but know what kind of neckline or sleeve you want, you can search for A-line dresses based on that. Something like A-line wedding dresses with off-the-shoulder sleeves will narrow your options to find your perfect A-line wedding dress.

What is the Difference Between Princess and A-line?

Brides may have heard gowns referred to as princess dresses and want to know how that differs from an A-line dress. The answer is it depends. When a wedding dress is called a princess dress, it’s usually because of the extravagant style. Princess wedding dresses are typically seen in ball gown or A-line silhouettes and are full of luxe details. Think decadent laces and gorgeous sparkle, something that feels a bit over-the-top. So you can have a princess A-line wedding dress, but this style is more often seen in the fuller ball gown silhouette. Be sure to check the dress details or with a stylist at your bridal salon to ensure that the dress is an A-line gown. 

What is the Difference Between A-line and Ball Gown?

The difference between an A-line wedding dress and a ball gown wedding dress can sometimes be subtle, so here’s what you need to know. As we’ve described before an A-line has a fitted bodice and a skirt that flares out in an A-shape, growing wider as it goes to the hem. A ball gown also has a fitted bodice, often a corset-style, with a dramatic skirt that maintains its volume from waist to hem. The best way to tell the difference between an A-line and a ball gown is to examine the skirt. An A-line wedding dress has a gradual flare when compared to the fullness of a ball gown skirt. The more relaxed shape of an A-line is what so many brides love about the silhouette. 

What Fabrics are Commonly used for A-line Wedding Dresses?

When it comes to the fabric of your A-line wedding dress, you have options. You can find A-line gowns in all of the popular wedding dress fabrics from tulle to chiffon, satin, and crepe. Picking the right fabric for your A-line dress comes down to personal preference. If you’re looking for an A-line wedding gown that has a floaty lightweight quality to it, then tulle is the fabric for you. A tulle A-line dress has a billowing effect and can be layered up for a fuller skirt. A satin A-line wedding dress can either be styled classic or modern. Something like a satin sweetheart A-line will have a timeless feel to it, while a sleek strapless satin A-line will be more contemporary and chic. If you’re having a summer wedding, beach wedding, or outdoor wedding a breezy fabric like chiffon is perfect! Chiffon lends itself better to slimmer A-lines and will be comfortable to wear in the heat. 

What Type of Accessories Work Well with A-line Wedding Dresses?

You have endless possibilities when it comes to accessorizing your A-line wedding dress. From veils to gloves, sleeves, and belts, A-line wedding dresses look beautiful with accessories. Veils are always a classic accessory to pair with your dress. Our Three-Dimensional Floral Cathedral Length Veil, style 12214C is a whimsical veil with 3D floral appliqués. Wear it with its matching A-line wedding dress, Forsythia, style 2472, or pair it with another A-line style for some added playfulness. There’s also our Waltz Length Veil with Lace Appliqués, style 12212WZ, a perfect match to our Rosa wedding dress, style 5763, a boho A-line that’s a bridal favorite! If you want a more non-traditional accessory to pair with your A-line wedding dress, consider gloves. They are a chic and trendy way to elevate your gown. We love our Pearl and Crystal Beaded Net Gloves, style 1141 for some textural dimension and that extra pop of sparkle. If you’ve found an A-line wedding dress you love, but there’s just one element missing or something small you would change, consider customization. Customizing your gown can give you the unique dress you’re looking for and help make your bridal vision come to life! If you’ve found your dream A-line wedding dress, but it’s strapless and you wanted sleeves, there’s no need to worry. Working with an experienced bridal seamstress, you can customize the perfect sleeves for your gown. And the alterations don’t end there. You can create a fuller skirt on your A-line, add more lace, and even adjust the neckline for a unique wedding dress that you’ve been dreaming of.

What is the Average Price Range for an A-line Wedding Dress? 

Morilee prides itself on offering our brides affordable luxury. Our collections range in price from $1000—$6000. You can find A-line wedding dresses in all of our collections, with your preferred style and at a price point you can feel comfortable with. Our Madeline Gardner Signature Collection is our most expensive, incorporating luxe fabrics, superior construction, and meticulous detail. To find specific pricing for all of our collections, please click the additional information button under any of our dress styles.  

How do I Choose the Right Size for an A-line Wedding Dress?

When it comes to choosing the right size for an A-line wedding dress, we highly recommend trying on the dress in-store. Bridal sizing runs differently than ready-to-wear clothes, so don’t assume that your off-the-rack size will work for your wedding dress. The best bet to finding the perfect fit for your A-line wedding dress is to try on the style at your local bridal salon and have the stylist take your measurements so they can order the correct size. If you’re worried about being in between sizes or if because of your proportions, you’re concerned about a tight fit in certain areas we always recommend ordering one size up. This way you can get the dress altered by an experienced bridal seamstress to give you the best fit.

Beautiful A-line Wedding Dresses Near You

If you’re looking to find your dream A-line wedding dress, visit one of our incredible retailers to find your dress come true!