Long Sleeve Wedding Dress Styles For 2023

Long Sleeve Wedding Dress Styles For 2023

There’s something so classic about a wedding dress with long sleeves! Long sleeves on a wedding dress feel elegant and traditional, a timeless touch that has lasted in wedding dress design for generations. People might wonder though, are long sleeve wedding dresses still in style? The answer is yes! While some may think that long sleeves feel dated or are only for winter weddings, we’re here to show you modern and trendy ways to rock long sleeves all year long! These are our top long sleeve wedding dress styles for 2023.

Long Sleeve Lace Wedding Dress

Lace wedding dresses are a bridal favorite, but pair the dress with classic long sleeves and you’ve got a winner! Long sleeve lace wedding dresses are truly elegant. Perfect for more traditional brides, this romantic style embodies grace and beauty, giving you a bridal look that will stand the test of time. If you’re looking for a long sleeve lace wedding dress, try our Graciela gown, style 30125—a stunning Chantilly lace fit and flare with a high neckline and long sleeves accented by frosted embroidered lace, for a gorgeous layered lace look. Add a bit more drama to this timeless, lace long sleeve wedding dress with a detachable lace-trimmed tulle overskirt.

Puff Long Sleeve Wedding Dress

While it may not be the “traditional” choice a puff long sleeve is a style that has been worn throughout history. Also known as a Juliet sleeve, this long sleeve fits tight to the arm with a pouf at the top; brought into fashion during the Italian Renaissance, this stunning style gets its name from Shakespeare’s heroine. Puff long sleeve wedding dresses are elevated and romantic, with an unexpected touch that will certainly wow your guests. Jolene, style 4108 is a chic dress with a gorgeous sheer, crystal beaded, floral lace bodice paired with a sleek satin skirt. The detachable long sleeves with a trendy pouf at the shoulder makes this the perfect gown for the trendsetting bride!

Long Sleeve Illusion Wedding Dress

Illusion long sleeves, as the name would suggest, creates the illusion of bare skin while carrying the beautiful design of the dress onto the sheer long sleeves. This style is absolutely elegant and is a popular choice among today’s brides. The net fabric is sheer and lightweight and comes in multiple shades to match your skin tone and create a true illusion. Freya, style 2481 is a gorgeous example of an illusion long sleeve wedding dress. The soft mermaid gown features swirling medallion lace appliqués that flow down the dreamy illusion long sleeves creating a regal effect. The illusion neckline makes for an effortless off-the-shoulder look and with pops of crystal beaded and shimmer sparkle organza fabric you get that perfect bridal glow!

Long Bishop Sleeve Wedding Dress

Soft and dreamy, bishop sleeves are a whimsical way to wear a long sleeve wedding dress. This full sleeve has a lovely drape and cinches at the wrist for a “bubble” look. The billowing long bishop sleeve is often designed in sheer, illusion fabrics for an ethereal appearance and can be worn either attached or as a detachable sleeve style. Josephine, style 2518 is a true bridal fantasy with its soft A-line silhouette and romantic Chantilly lace. We love the scoop neckline with subtle plunge and sheer, lace-up sides, but the best part is the detachable illusion long sleeves that complete the dreamy gown.

Long Bell Sleeve Wedding Dress

If you’re a boho bride who’s looking for a long sleeve wedding dress, try one with oversized bell sleeves. This unique long sleeve style has a whimsical and free-spirited vibe and creates a real wow factor. Bell sleeves get their name from the bell-like shape they create—fitted to the upper arm and flaring out at or below the elbow. Long bell sleeves have been associated with the 70s and disco era, but we’re seeing a resurgence of this bohemian look in bridal fashion. Santina, style 1026 is an exquisite mix of boho style with glamorous details. The Chantilly lace mermaid features an off-the-shoulder neckline leading to dramatic bell sleeves with beaded fringe. The cathedral-length scalloped hemline will help you make a grand entrance at your wedding.

Long Sleeve Vintage Wedding Dress

Long sleeve vintage wedding dresses have a timeless quality to them. While it may be hard to source a true vintage wedding gown, there are many styles that take the best of bygone eras and blend these design details to create a vintage-inspired wedding dress. The sleeve style on a long sleeve vintage dress would depend on the decade you take inspiration from, but we think Elaine, style 30110 is a great choice! This modest wedding dress has a high scoop neckline and lined bishop long sleeves. Tradition touches like the cuff at the bottom of the sleeves, adorned in covered buttons, make this modern dress feel like something that has been passed down for generations

Fluted Long Sleeve Wedding Dress

For a sleeve that makes a statement, try a fluted long sleeve wedding dress. Fluted sleeves, also known as trumpet sleeves, are a sister to the bell sleeve. They have a similar styling, where it fits tight to the upper arm, flaring out at the elbow. Unlike bell sleeves, long fluted sleeves tend to have more texture, incorporating ruffles and flouncing into the flare of the sleeve. A fluted long sleeve wedding dress is a fun and slightly boho way to make a statement with your sleeves. Jade, style 2504 is a beautiful example of how you can incorporate a subtle fluted sleeve into your wedding dress. The modern dress features a botanical-inspired embroidered bodice on a fitted crepe skirt. The sheer long sleeves have a fun flare at the wrist, giving that fluted effect, and add a level of whimsy to the look. They also help to create a beautiful keyhole back with a dainty tie at the nape of the neck.

Detachable Long Sleeve Wedding Dress

Detachable sleeves have been a growing trend in bridal fashion. This versatile sleeve style gives you the option of customizability that today’s brides are loving. Detachable long sleeves are a great way to get two looks in one, long sleeves for the ceremony, then take them off for a strapless reception look. This past season has also taken a departure from the classic draped, off-the-shoulder detachable sleeves. From bishop sleeves to puff sleeves, and even classic long sleeves, you can find gowns with so many detachable sleeve styles. One of our favorites is Judith, style 4115. The lovely ball gown features beaded embroidered appliqués cascading down the plunging bodice into the airy tulle skirt. The detachable long sleeves have matching appliqués and come off to reveal a stunning strapless, sweetheart neckline.

Simple Long Sleeve Wedding Dress

While some brides may love a statement sleeve, others prefer things simple and sophisticated. If you’re not into illusion long sleeves or frilly fluted sleeves, there are still plenty of simple long sleeve wedding dresses for you to choose from. The subtle style is clean and classic. A standard long sleeve, all in one fabric, can still be elevated and elegant, despite the lack of embellishments. Edita, style 12134 is our choice for the minimalist brides out there looking for a long sleeve wedding dress. The crepe sheath sculpts the body, with contoured seams, and has an off-the-shoulder neckline and lovely long sleeves with buttons at the wrist for a touch of tradition.

Long Sleeve Beaded Wedding dress

If you want to serve up some sparkle on your wedding day, we recommend a beaded long sleeve wedding dress. A beaded long sleeve wedding dress can be designed in different ways. The sleeves could be illusion style, giving the look of beautifully beaded skin, or fully lined with blingy beaded accents that shimmer and shine. You can also choose between types of beading that will give you different glittering effects. Beads can be made from glass, crystals, gems, and other materials for different types of sparkle. Pearl beading will have an iridescent glow while crystal or glass beading will have a multifaceted shine. If you want a beaded long sleeve wedding dress, check out Fantasia, style 2486. This boldly beaded ballgown features a glimmering pearl and crystal encrusted tulle over sparkling organza with accents of metallic embroidery. Chandelier style beading beautifully decorates the bodice and drapes down the sheer, beaded long sleeves.

Do Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses Work for All Body Types?

If you’re wondering “Can I wear long sleeves?” The simple answer is, yes! Wedding dresses with long sleeves work for all body types, from plus-size to petite brides. A long sleeve wedding dress can be flattering on anyone and can help you show off or minimize your arms, depending on your preference. For a bride with toned arms who’s looking to feature them, we recommend an illusion long sleeve. The sheer fabric with beautiful appliqués will draw the eye to your arms with the stunning “tattoo lace” effect. For someone looking to conceal their arms, something like the traditional lined long sleeve is a great option. If you’re looking for a long sleeve that will help disguise your arms, but still has some personality, flowy bishop long sleeves offer a slimming effect with their full design.

Finding The Perfect Style Long Sleeve Wedding Dress

Finding your perfect sleeves for wedding dress starts with understanding your personal style. From boho to romantic, there’s a long sleeve that suits you. The traditional bride will love the classic look of a long sleeve lace wedding dress. The elegant lace paired with long sleeves makes for a truly timeless dress. If you’re all about the bling, then you definitely need a beaded long sleeve wedding dress. This stunning style will give you all the sparkle you could want on your wedding day. Boho brides will love the free-spirited feel of bell sleeves, and for all the trendsetters, puff sleeves are making a total comeback! Try a puff long sleeve wedding dress for a look that your guests will be sure to copy.

Are Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses Comfortable?

While long sleeve wedding dresses may seem uncomfortable or restricting, a well-constructed gown never is. The Aisle Guide shares a great piece of advice to ensure your long sleeve wedding dress is comfortable before purchase, “A good rule of thumb is to first try all those motions when you try on your dress! Shoot your arms up to the sky and wave from side to side.” Checking your range of motion beforehand will ensure you can dance the night away in your long sleeve wedding dress. If you’re concerned a long sleeve dress will be too tight on your arms, you can always order your dress one size up and work with a seamstress so that it’s perfectly tailored to you. We recommend fuller sleeve styles like bishop and bell sleeves if you are worried about comfort. Detachable sleeves are also a great option to get the classic look of a long sleeve wedding gown for your ceremony and the freedom of a short sleeve or strapless dress for your reception.

Do Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses Get Hot?

Some brides might be worried that wearing a long sleeve wedding dress will make them hot. While it’s true that long sleeve gowns are a great option to keep you warm, it all depends on the fabric you choose. A heavier fabric like crepe is perfect for long sleeves at a winter wedding. Opt for lightweight fabrics like tulle, organza, and chiffon if you want to rock a long sleeve wedding dress in a warmer climate. Thin, long sleeves made out of a fabric like tulle will feel cool and breezy.

Can I Wear Long Sleeves in the Summer?

You can absolutely wear a long sleeve wedding dress in the summer! A long sleeve gown can suit any season, including warmer ones like spring and summer. It’s all about finding the right fabric to keep you cool and comfortable. Illusion long sleeves make for a perfect summer wedding dress. They’re made of gossamer-like net fabric that is thin, lightweight, and will look elegant at your summer wedding.

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