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Dec 16, 2019

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Real Bride Stories

You’ve found that special someone, so now it’s time to find the perfect place to seal the deal! Your wedding locale can say a lot about your style details for the big day. Read on to see which location isn’t just a venue, but a venYOU!


The traditional wedding venue says elegance and glamour. It might be a hotel ballroom, or on the grounds of a country club. Plenty of florals and candles will round out the upscale décor. A regal atmosphere calls for a black tie dress code, formal sit down dinner, and grand dance floor to dance the night away!


For the couples who want things a bit more casual and fun, your tropical paradise awaits! An Oceanside resort will provide you with everything you need. A sandy spot for your ceremony, and a gorgeous view for cocktails. A beach resort also provides a built-in vacation for your guests, so there’s plenty of activities you can plan for everyone. Look forward to sinking your feet into the sand in resort chic style. Shoes not required!


Calling all our shabby chic women! Rural lodges, woodsy fields, and mountainside inns will bring in all the outdoorsy charm. The natural beauty that comes with these locations is the best part of the package! Vineyards will always make for a stunning backdrop too. It goes without saying, your pictures grazing through the vine-covered fields will be stunning, and the house wine being served at dinner doesn’t sound too bad either!


Anywhere with history makes for a retro affair! Not only is a historic mansion stunning, but also comes with plenty of antiquey charm. Celebrated hotels from the past, with grand art-deco style, really bring in the 1920’s glam! This is the perfect place to incorporate plenty of glitz and glamour to your décor to the historic hype.


A museum, an art gallery, or loft space come to mind when we think of a beautifully modern space. They appeal here lies in its simplicity! Without a lot happening in the background, the space is yours to fill or keep as minimal as you want. Exposed brick and wood beams unintentionally become gorgeous decorations all on their own! Lots of light and open air space makes for a modern minimalist wedding vibe.