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Jul 7, 2021

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Headpieces & Veils: A Word From Madeline

Bringing your most beautiful bridal vision to life may start with the dress, but it doesn’t end there! In the pursuit of the perfect look, whether or not you should go for a veil has probably crossed your mind. Between the styles, lengths, and the ever-changing trend of headpieces, picking the one for you may require a bit of help from the experts. Luckily we have some advice directly from our Designer and Creative Director, Madeline Gardner, to help guide the way!

To Veil Or Not To Veil?

Your day means your vision! A bride should always follow her intuition about what looks and feels most beautiful. Personally, I love a good veil moment. Watching a bride-to-be try on dresses, it’s usually when the veil goes on that the dress becomes “the dress”. It’s a simple, and stunning, way to elevate your whole wedding day look!

Does It Have To Cover My Face?

Definitely not! The fun thing about veils is how many options there are. The traditional style is always great, but from cathedral length to fingertip, to vintage style blushers, and birdcage veils, they will all look gorgeous either way you wear them!

Ideas For An Amazing Alternative?

I definitely love the look of a bit of sparkle in a bride’s hair, even if you don’t go with the classic veil. Dainty hair clips, a comb, a glittery headband, or even a tiara all give that extra special something!

Should I Make It Match?

Think complement rather than match. If your dress is embellished with pearls, crystals, or rhinestones then pick a veil that features some of those details as well. Or if you’re wearing an all lace gown, the beading on the veil will add an extra pop of sparkle.

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