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Apr 8, 2021

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The Ultimate Maid of Honor Checklist
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It’s your BFF’s big day! And you’re the lucky one who’s been crowned with the title of Maid of Honor. You might be best friends, sisters, or future sister-in-law, but either way, you’re #1 for the bride-to-be! And now’s the time to show her just what she means to you.  Here’s a quick cheat sheet on how to ace being the perfect wedding wing woman!

Party Planner Extraordinaire

Let the fun begin! Bachelorette parties tend to be number one on the list of Maid of Honor duties. Get some initial input from your bestie, but then take the lead. From finding accommodations to planning activities, and organizing the finances, this should be a chance for the bride to just show up and enjoy! The fewer spreadsheets she sees, the better!

Anytime, Anywhere

Some brides love bringing their MOH to dress fittings, venue visits, floral appointments, and some like to go solo. Be cool with whatever she wants to do, and don’t be afraid to lend a helping hand, even if she doesn’t ask. The bride might not want to impose on your schedule but would still love for you to tag along if you can. So if you’re able to, let her know that you’ll do your best to clear your schedule!

Queen of the Bridesmaids

Be the go-to girl for the rest of the bridesmaids! Whether you’re getting everyone involved in a cute bridal shower game, organizing a dream gift for the bride, or reminding the girls of important dates and times, having someone who can take charge will be a huge help for sure.

Speech, Speech, Speech!

If this wedding is following typical traditions, you’ll probably be making a speech. That’s right, the spotlight’s on you! Before you let any stage fright set in, just think of all the amazing memories you’ve shared with your BFF and let the ideas start flowing. No one’s expecting a masterpiece, just a good mix of funny anecdotes, heartfelt feelings, and a celebratory toast to the happy couple. Oh, and make sure to frame a copy for the newlyweds to keep!

Day Of Duties

Now’s the time to pull out all the stops! Even the most well-prepared brides will probably run into a glitch or two on the wedding day. That’s where you come in! Your cool, calm, and collected energy will help your bestie stay relaxed and focused on the big picture, saying “I Do!” Bring a day-of emergency kit that’ll help smooth out any bumps along the way. Think a sewing kit, double-sided tape, an energy bar, anything to ease her stress. She’ll be grateful for a best friend like you by her side!