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Mar 30, 2021

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Real Bride Stories

Making a romantically rustic vision come to life is all about letting the charming details take center stage! The most barebones of venues can actually be the prettiest backdrops. A taste of home, natural décor, and soft colors will turn your average space into a dreamy destination!

A rustic ambiance is easy to achieve whether you’re throwing your celebration in a woodsy barn or backyard. In fact, it’s all the unpolished features that we love the most! Distressed wood, outside greenery, and exposed beams all offer a lovely backdrop without changing a thing.

Including everyday comforts into your big day is guaranteed to add an extra dose of love and warmth! Scatter an overflow of chunky candles everywhere from your ceremony aisle, to the side tables, to the dessert buffet.  Include cozy throw pillows on plush couches for cocktail hour to make your guests feel at home. Vintage fabrics can be put to good use as billowy drapes, table runners, or even part of your ceremony arch.

Hairstyles with an intentionally messy carefree vibe look relaxed but also incredibly gorgeous! Anything from a loosely swept up bun to flowy beach waves, to a pinned-up braid will work whimsical wonders! Place a few flowers or tie in a ribbon for the final touch!

Nothing says romance like lace! Especially when it’s delicate Alençon with touches of embroidered lace appliqués. The flowing A-line silhouette is absolutely effortless and the split font overskirt, lined in embroidered beading, adds a unique detail! We’re head over heels for this embodiment of rustic romance!