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Dec 30, 2021

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Ring In The New Year

We’re in the middle of engagement season and we know there are lots of you out there who are looking to ring in the New Year with a beautiful engagement ring! To assist you in dropping some helpful hints to your partner we’re breaking down our favorite settings and styles so that you can show off that ring in 2022.


Classic and simple, but extremely beautiful, the solitaire is one of the most popular styles for engagement rings. This chic ring is typically set in prongs that put your diamond on full display, so there’s no mistaken’ you’re taken!


Just like the name implies, this angelic setting features stones set around your center gem to make it look like a halo. In recent years, this style has become almost as popular as the solitaire and it’s not hard to see why. The smaller diamonds help to emphasize the center stone’s sparkle and make it appear bigger!


This modern style is great for people with an active life. Channel rings have smaller stones set in a row between the two metal bands of the ring. The benefit to this is that the embedded diamonds are well protected and help extend the brilliance of your stunning center stone!


A timeless beauty, vintage-inspired engagement rings will never go out of style. From Victorian to Edwardian, and art deco, there’s a unique charm that vintage rings bring. With the intricate metalwork and single-cut stones, this style harkens back to a time long ago, and we’re here for it!


More is always more and we can’t get enough of three-stone rings! The trio of diamonds usually consists of two, slightly smaller, side stones with the center stone set higher to make it stand out. Besides being absolutely stunning, three-stone rings can hold deeper meaning—signifying the couple’s past, present, and future.