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May 4, 2019

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Real Bride Stories

When you say I Do, a new last name is probably not the only thing you’ll be getting. Registering for engagement and wedding gifts can be a big to-do for many couples. Whether you’re already living in domesticated bliss or getting ready to find your home-sweet-home as a couple, creating a registry together is a special milestone. A chance to pick out items that will fill your home for years to come. We’re breaking down some registry do’s and don’ts!  

Do assess what you already own first. It’s easy in all of the excitement to start scanning away at everything you see, but that can be a surefire way to end up with multiples of things you have at home.  Before heading to do an in-person registry at a store, take an inventory of the main household categories. Think dishes, cookware, bakeware, wine glasses, luggage, and bedding. Separate what you already own and love with things you might want to replace, and then fill in the gaps of what you still need.

DO be realistic. This can be a fun time to ask for those big ticket items you’ve had on your wish list for years. But keeping practicality in the back of your mind can come in handy too. If you’re kitchen space is limited but you’re dreaming of that giant crock pot, think about asking your parents or your in-laws if they have storage space to spare until you have a bigger space of your own. If you’ve been eyeing that fancy china but you’re not sure if you really entertain enough to use it, consider getting two smaller dish sets. A more casual one for now, and higher-end china for special occasions later on.   

DO pick stores that will be easy for you to visit in person. Even though you’re picking out your registry, by the time your wedding rolls around you may have changed your mind or even received similar gifts from guests who went off registry. Being able to pop right over to the store and make returns will simplify the process, especially if you want to make exchanges on the spot. Many department stores also offer a great loyalty program if you register with them for discounts on other wedding related items like jewelry or your wedding shoes.  

Don’t be afraid to have some fun with the whole process! After all, this is the start of your next chapter as an official “we”, and these special things you’ve picked out together will be a lasting memory in your home. Make a day of it with each other, take your time, create a vision, and soak up the joy each piece will bring you.