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Jun 22, 2019

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One of the first things that comes to mind for most brides post engagement (aside from your dress of course) is the ever important guest list. From your distant third cousin once removed, to your best friend’s maybe-boyfriend, we break down some crucial do’s and don’ts of invite protocol.

DO make sure that everyone you invite to an engagement celebration is also invited to your wedding. With a few occasional exceptions, that might include a significant time lapse between the two events, all of the guests that are included in your engagement party will assume they’ll be receiving an invitation to your big day. Same goes for a Save the Date! Make sure anyone you’re sending a date announcement to will be getting the real invite as well.

Don’t feel just because you’ve attended someone else’s wedding that means you are absolutely obligated to reciprocate. While of course that’s always a nice gesture, you might be having a smaller wedding, in which case your list will be much more restricted! When you see the person you can even mention that you’re planning a more intimate affair, so they won’t feel slighted.

Do consider your parent’s wishes and who is paying for the wedding when creating your list. Of course this is your big day and you’re psyched for all of your closest friends to dance the night away with you, but this is also a pretty monumental occasion for your parents.  While you might not even know your soon-to-be spouse’s great aunt, it will mean a lot to both families to have their relatives there.

Don’t worry about hosting all of your wedding guests for your rehearsal dinner or post wedding brunch as well. These can definitely be smaller events that are limited to close family and friends, or out of town guests.

Do consider inviting people with a plus one if it makes sense! If your maid of honor is newly dating someone that you haven’t gotten to know too well, you might be initially hesitant to extend an invite. But your bestie will be extra appreciative that after standing by your side, she gets to continue the celebrations with her someone special too.

Do make sure that you surround yourself with all the people you love that you would never want to say I Do without!  

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