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Mar 13, 2019

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As spring approaches, and wedding season kicks into high gear, there will be no shortage of gorgeous flowers to choose from.  Along with your centerpieces and décor, picking the perfect bouquet gives you a chance to personalize your wedding style. Whether you’ll be dressed in a princess ballgown, or a whimsical silhouette, these popular blooming beauties will make your heart skip a beat.   

Peonies (Mina, Style 6861)

Especially popular for summer weddings, and known for a fresh fragrance, the peony is a bright pop of color that evokes the light and airy energy of a summery wedding. An especially feminine flower, we love the dainty touch it adds to a delicate gown like this.   

Calla Lilies (Paisley, Style 1725)

Ranging from a creamy white to a dark purple, the calla lily can be an understated addition to your style or a bold bouquet front and center. The simple and natural beauty of the light ivory hue is just the right balance for a glittery and glamorous ballgown.  And if you opt for the strong purple shade, consider matching it with an elegant a-line.

Roses (Pura, Style 2032)

A traditional flower for the classic bride.  The red rose, a quintessential symbol of love, will add rich color and romance to your look. White roses are a great alternative to create a more neutral palette. Have a bit of fun by mixing a brighter pink rose with a lighter pastel shade. Incorporate sprigs of baby’s breath to add an earthy touch. Roses and a lace gown, two items that will never go out of style.

Cherry Blossoms (Katriane, Style 6887)

Although its’ peak blooming season is short lived, this soft pink and white flower, with a hint of tree green, is a magical add on to any bridal look.  This dreamy floral pairs beautifully with a free flowing gown for the ultimate ethereal vision.

Tulips (Louise, Style 6893)

From pastels of yellow and pink, to bright hues of red, orange, and purple, Tulips offer a rainbow array of color options! A colorful mixed bouquet works well for every season, and would be a vibrant compliment to this romantic off the shoulder number.

As the saying goes, roses are red, violets are blue, we’re dreaming of flowers, and we hope you are too!