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Jan 19, 2021

Collection Spotlight




Real Bride Stories

Ever wonder what goes into the gorgeous gowns you’ve been gazing at? We sat down with our Designer and Creative Director Madeline Gardner to get the full scoop on the labor of love that goes into each and every dreamy dress she creates! From the very first sketch detail to the finishing touches, there’s no question that designing is an art form!

Paper Perfection

For a perfect dress, only a perfect space to design will do. And for Madeline, that means dreaming away at her bedroom desk, where she can let her imagination run wild! A little bit of alone time, sketchbooks, her special English pencils, and a few shading markers, and voila! The magical combination for creating!

Scenes From A Sketch

When it comes to finding inspiration for where to begin, each dress has its own unique vision! It might be the neckline, the fabric, the lace, or the incredible beading that speaks to Madeline first and drives the design. And for an incredible silhouette she has her heart set on, Madeline will build in a neckline, sleeves, and back details to match! 

Detail Decisions

Once the dress has been dreamed up, it’s time for the real fun to begin! One of Madeline’s favorite steps is getting to pick out all of the lush fabrics, laces, and sparkling embellishments to get the sample gown started!  There’s plenty of room for change as she uses her expertise to make any necessary alterations on bust forms.

The Perfect Touch

It might be perfecting the tiny details that keep Madeline falling in love with the design process over and over! Placing the delicate appliqués and laces where she imagines them and making sure all the features are aligned just right, means Madeline is able to leave a special mark on every dress! Next it’s time for sewing, and a few finishing touches to get those beaded straps symmetrical and that waistline trimmed! 

Runway Ready

Before the dress is set to dazzle down the runway, it’s time for the model’s final fitting and a few last detail tweaks. And just like that, Madeline’s vision has come to life! Whether it’s simple and sleek or embellished and elaborate, every gown begins as one of these beautiful blueprints and finds its way to the blushing bride!