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Dec 10, 2019

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Real Bride Stories

Flowers are one wedding detail that will never go out of style! So when it’s time to pick the perfect blooms, there’s plenty of factors to consider. Will you go big and bold? Will you stick to one color palette? How will it all come together? Finding a good florist is the key to answering all those burning questions and more, so we asked Rebecca Merritt, an experienced florist of over 20 years—who’s worked with talent like Beyoncé, J Lo, and Cher—for her advice. Read on for tips on how to make all your floral fantasies come true as you say “I Do”!

The Cost

Don’t believe everything you’ve heard! Flowers don’t have to break the bank to be beautiful. One of the biggest perks of working closely with a florist is they’re experts at knowing how to bring your vision to life. Rebecca tells us it’s important for a florist to have a good idea of your budget, “The last thing I’d ever want to do is present a bride with something she can’t afford.” A transparent conversation with your florist about money can allow them to use their knowledge and allocate “floral dollars” to items that will have maximum impact on your wedding! Using in-season flowers is always a budget saver, but if your favorite flower isn’t in bloom it might have to be imported, which can raise the cost. “In such a case, I determine where a bride’s favorite flower will have maximum impact for both her and her guests. A bride’s favorite flower will always be in her bouquet and often on her sweetheart table. Other places I like to feature favorite flowers are in spots every guest encounters, like the escort card table.” A good florist can create an atmosphere for you at any price point.

The Style

Create a mood board to bring to your florist so they know exactly what you’re imagining for the big day. “I wan to see your favorite flower, the picture of your best friend’s bouquet, your dress, your reception venue and anything that inspires you,” Rebecca tells us. More than just photos of flowers Rebecca says “I want to see scenes from movies that feel like your dream wedding. Show me a spread from a fashion magazine in a palette you love.” This will give your florist a better sense of what it’s all going to look like when everything comes together. If you’re not exactly sure what your style is yet, look for a versatile florist who has experience working in a variety of styles. And while the details are important, Rebecca shared “I find that a broader client vision allows me to really make a bride’s dream a reality.”

The Logistics

To the DIY bride, Rebecca has a message for you “I love that you’re super creative and crafty and can make almost anything. But, I want to prevent you from spending one of the most memorable times of your life doing the following: hauling massive flower boxes, lifting heavy buckets, ruining your gorgeous manicure, figuring out how to pack and transport your floral arrangments safely to the venue, and cleaning up an insane mess.” These are all things your florist can take care of without a hitch! Florists have spent years working on their craft and have amassed a set of hands-on skills that will ensure the beauty of your wedding, so leave the worrying to them.

The Extras

Though florists were solely for flowers? Think again! Table runners, aisle runners, ceremony arches, and votives all fall under the possibilities of what a flower shop might be able to provide. “In addition to doing all the personal, ceremony and reception flowers, some florists work as planners and help brides select rentals, work with lighting companies and manage day-of needs,” Rebecca tells us. Many florists have been in the business long enough and worked with so many brides that they’ve learned almost everything that encompasses a wedding. She tells us “Not every florist does these things, but if we don’t, we almost always know who does.”