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Feb 15, 2024

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White and ivory are the classic wedding dress colors, but we’re seeing a rise in the not-so-traditional bride who’s looking for something a bit different. The easiest way to achieve a bridal look all your own is to go for a colored wedding dress. From soft and subtle pastels to bright and bold hues, wedding dresses with color are a trending style that we’re totally embracing! We’ll be breaking down popular wedding dress colors—and their meaning—the differences in similar shades, and how to pick your perfect shade. These are the trending colored wedding dress designs for 2024!

Are Colored Wedding Dresses in Style? 

Colored wedding dresses are totally in style! Brides are all about embracing the things that make them feel most beautiful to find a dress that represents them. Oftentimes this sense of self-identity influences the color of their wedding dress. Bold colored wedding dresses might display their daring personality, while ivory shows they respect tradition. White may be the traditional color, but there is no specific color your wedding dress should be. In fact, many cultures don’t wear white for their wedding. In both Indian and Korean cultures, it’s common for the bride to wear red. Non traditional wedding dresses with color are a stylish way to express yourself so that you feel uniquely you on your wedding day.

Wedding Dress Colors Meaning

Some brides’ might choose their wedding dress color based on simple things like what compliments their skin tone or their favorite shade, but all colors have meaning behind them that can help express your feelings as you walk down the aisle. White became the traditional color of wedding dress to represent the purity and innocence of the woman being wed. As we’ve grown out of the expected traditions, wedding dress colors have evolved too. A popular wedding dress color nowadays is pink. Blush dresses are everywhere and this soft shade represents femininity, love, and compassion. Wearing pink can be a sweet and secret way to show your partner you love and care for them. Bold brides might want to wear red, an auspicious color representing good luck in many cultures as well as power, love, and warmth. Another daring color would be a black wedding dress. This deep shade is becoming hugely popular, often paired with nude accents to help enhance the dress’s bridal feel. Black wedding dresses represent mystery, strength, and sophistication. If you’re looking for a subtle pop of color, consider a colorful embroidered dress. The delicate embroidery along the gown is a perfect way to bring in your favorite tones without being overwhelming or over-the-top.

What is the Difference Between White and Ivory Wedding Dresses?

You may not realize it, but there’s a definitive difference between white and ivory wedding dresses. White is what many brides think of when they first imagine their wedding dress, but ivory has now become the most popular color for modern day brides. A stark white wedding dress is devoid of any other shades or undertones influencing its color, and in bright light can almost appear a bit blue. A more natural white, or “diamond” white has a softer feel than its stark white counterpart, with an ever so slightly warmer look. This shade photographs the same as the traditional stark white, without running the risk of a blue tone. Ivory color wedding dress, on the other hand, has cream or champagne undertones giving this “eggshell” color a warmer look than a white wedding gown. This doesn’t mean an ivory color dress for a wedding will look yellow. In fact, many brides assume that ivory colored wedding dresses are a natural white. Brides who are pale might want to stay away from a stark white or even diamond white wedding dress to ensure they don’t look washed out. The subtle yellow hue in an ivory wedding dress will help to enhance their skin. If you have darker skin, opting for a diamond white, or even stark white, will look striking and help make your skin tone pop!

Which Wedding Dress Color Should You Choose?

With all this information, you might be wondering “ Which wedding dress color should you choose?” Much of your decision comes down to personal preference, but if you’re looking for some advice on the best color wedding dress for you, a scientific factor could be your skin tone. While skin can have many different undertones, there are three general skin tones that you can fall under—cool, neutral, and warm. Cool complexions have more pink or red undertones, warm complexions have more yellow or olive undertones, and neutral complexions will be a mix of both. Cool skin tones often look lovely in deep jewel tones, like emeralds and plums, as well as soft pastels. Great wedding dress colors for these people would be blushes, smoky lavenders, and misty blues. Warm skin tones will look great in peaches, ivories, champagnes, and bronzes. Neutral skin tones can get away with any of these shades so pick your favorite for a colored wedding dress!

Blush Colored Wedding Dresses

Pretty in pink, a blush colored wedding dress is feminine and fresh. This soft pastel shade is ultra-romantic and has seen a surge in popularity over the last 5 years; think millennial pink, barbie-core, and of course the ballet-core and coquette styles that are on the rise. A pastel color dress for a wedding is soft and delicate, a great way to convey the innocent nature that white is meant to represent in a non-traditional way. While some might think a pink gown is a bit childish, a blush wedding dress can be modern and also surprisingly versatile. Our Mackenzie Wedding Dress is has a a subtle blush tone in our Ivory//Blush/Honey colorway. The gown features a flurry of frosted beading with gorgeous three-dimensional petal appliqués on romantic Chantilly lace. The whimsical dress has a boned, sweetheart bodice that meets up with a billowing ball gown skirt, with its blush lining, allowing the soft pink hue to come through, and a detachable lace tie back stole for a versatile look. If you want a full-on pink princess wedding dress, then we think you’ll love our Josefina Wedding Dress. The over-the-top ball gown features a delicately draped bodice with romantic sweetheart neckline and a matching detachable tie-back stole. The ruffled tulle skirt creates fabulous texture with a subtle, swirling floral motif for a gown that will leave guests gasping as you walk down the aisle. 

Colored Wedding Dresses with Sleeves

If you’re looking for a colored wedding dress but also love the look of sleeves, you definitely don’t have to compromise! You still have plenty of options when it comes to a colored wedding dress with sleeves. There are gowns with both subtle and bold pops of color with different sleeve styles, from long and lacy to dainty cap sleeves. If you’ve already found your dream colorful wedding dress, yet feel like you’re missing the look of sleeves you don’t have to worry. Working with an experienced bridal seamstress, you can add custom sleeves to your strapless or sleeveless gown that will perfectly complement your colored wedding dress! Our Joanie Wedding Dress has a modern meets classic look in our stunning Misty Blue shade. The sleek satin A-line features a chic cuffed neckline on a surplice bodice with cap sleeves for a geometric look. The banded waist helps to cinch in your figure leading to a stunning pleated skirt. A matching v-shaped back is cool and contemporary with the traditional touch of buttons leading down to the hem. If you’re looking for just a splash of color on your wedding dress with sleeves, then we think you’ll like our Nia Wedding Dress. The feminine gown  features frosted, three-dimensional floral embroidery cascading down the sparkle tulle mermaid. The drop waist bodice elongates the body with a simple v-neckline and short sleeves, that will make a colorful entrance in our Multicolored Rose shade.

Floral Colored Wedding Dresses

If you’re a boho bride or just love the fresh touch of flowers, you might be interested in a floral colored wedding dress! Delicate floral appliqués can help to accent an already colorful wedding gown or be the perfect pop on a wedding dress with colored flowers. This splash of botanical design with cool color is a beautiful juxtaposition that makes for a one-of-a-kind wedding day look! Our Persephone Wedding Dress is an explosion of color with frosted floral embroidered appliqués. The sweetheart bodice has a subtle sheerness that highlights the exposed boning, with detachable off-the-shoulder sleeves for styling options. The tulle mermaid has a lightweight feel and effortless look, and we love the romantic touch of the sheer appliquéd train. If you want a softer look, try our Petal Wedding Dress. Inspired by storybook romances, the gown has a flowing A-line silhouette and floral details. The sweetheart bodice has asymmetric ruching with colorful pearl and crystal beading. Beautiful three-dimensional floral embroidery cascades down the gown in soft pastel tones and accents the detachable off-the-shoulder sleeves. Delicate ruffles in the skirt add lovely texture and dimension to the dress. 

Dark Colored Wedding Dress

Some brides might want something soft and subtle for their colored wedding dress, but if you’re looking to make a big statement consider a dark colored wedding dress. From midnight blue to deep garnet, and even a true onyx black, a dark wedding dress brings a sense of drama and mystery to your big day. Galadriel, style 1089, and Georgina, style 1090 are our picks if you want a black wedding dress! These sister gowns are dark and dreamy with nude underlays and black Chantilly lace with decadent beaded lace appliqués. Galadriel’s airy A-line silhouette is classic and romantic, but if you want that glamorous feel we recommend the sultry mermaid silhouette on Georgina.

Champagne Colored Wedding Dress

Bridal with a twist, a champagne colored wedding dress is an easy and chic way to wear a colorful gown. The creamy yellow undertones of a champagne gown mirror that of the classic ivory dress—but with a stronger intensity—so it feels totally wedding appropriate for the more traditional bride. The soft tone is both elegant and delicate, and the warmth it brings makes it perfect for fall wedding dresses. If you’re looking for a champagne color wedding dress, check out our Phillipa Wedding Dress. The elegant A-line features  botanical frosted, embroidered appliqués accented by delicate beading. The illusion bodice has a seductive plunge that guides the eye down the relaxed silhouette down to the champagne lining in the skirt, while the open back reveals the perfect amount of skin. Another champagne colored wedding dress is our Maya Wedding Dress. The gown serves effortless glamour, featuring a stunning bustier bodice designed with decadent crystal beaded embroidered lace. The box-pleated tulle skirt floats off the body, adding a warm glow with its champagne undertone, with a front skirt slit for a sultry pop of leg.

Designer Colored Wedding Dresses Near You

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