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Jun 19, 2022

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From vendors to dress fittings, cake tastings to florist appointments, a lot goes into planning the main event. And after all that work, there’s one last step left…the big day! Keeping things organized and detailed makes for a smooth celebration. Here’s our breakdown for surefire wedding day success! 

Hair and Makeup

Depending on how big your bridal party is you want to make sure to budget enough time for everyone’s hair and makeup, most importantly yours! This is also a great time to lounge in cute matching PJs and have some breakfast bites and bubbly!

Photographer Arrives

Start off with some cute snaps of you and your besties getting ready together. Then comes the big dress reveal!

Portraits of the Bride and Bridesmaids

It’s your time to shine! Start off in your bridal suite and head outside for some even more gorgeous shots. Then get ready for special pictures with your besties!

First Look

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for! Have an incredible spot picked out for the first time you and your other half will see each other! It’ll be just as magical as you’ve always imagined.

Couple Portraits

Formal photos of you two are a must! Scout out your venue beforehand for picture-perfect photo ops.

Wedding Party Time

Get both sides together for some ultimate group shots!

Ceremony Prep

It’s almost showtime! Let your guests enjoy some music and light refreshments as they take their seats.

Ready, Set, I Do!    

All your planning has led to this moment! A last-minute fluff of the dress, a deep breath, and off you go. Forever awaits!

Cocktail Hour

After your ceremony, have your guests head over to the cocktail hour. A great way to tide them over until dinner, this reprieve is the perfect opportunity for you, your partner, and your families to sneak away and take some photos!

Family Photos

Make sure your family is prepped and ready to go at the designated time for photos. And give your photographer a list ahead of time of all the family combo pictures you want.

Reception Begins & Grand Entrance

Your reception is where the real fun begins! Once your guests have found their seats it is time for you to make your grand entrance! Have your emcee introduce you and your partner as a married couple.

First Dance

After introductions comes the first dance. This is a special moment, so soak it up and let your guests feel your love. Your first dance can then lead into father/daughter and mother/son dances. 


Whether you’re having a formal sit-down meal or a casual buffet, now is the perfect time to serve dinner. It’ll give both you and your guests some time to relax before you party down!


Dinner is the best time for toasts and speeches. You’ll ensure that you have everyone’s attention for the special words that will be shared. Start with a welcome toast and then move into parent and wedding party speeches.

Hit The Dance Floor

It’s time to celebrate! After dinner and speeches, have everyone move over to the dance floor so the real party can begin. Whether you have a band or DJ make sure you’re out there having a good time with all your favorite people!

Cake Cutting & Dessert

Take a break from dancing with your cake cutting and serving dessert. It’ll be a great reprieve from partying it up and who doesn’t love dessert? Your guests will definitely appreciate a sweet treat to end the night.

Wedding Exit

Have your friends, family, and wedding party gather to see you off. Give the sparklers or confetti to send you off in style. Next stop is your honeymoon!

Hero Image: Melissa MacDonald Photography