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Jul 24, 2019

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Real Bride Stories

A lot goes into planning your wedding, from the big details down to the tiny ones, you want your big day to go your way. Making sure your guests are anticipating the excitement (almost as much as you!) means one less thing to worry about on the long list of wedding tasks. But it doesn’t have to be all work and no play! Here’s a few fun and easy ways to keep your family and friends up to speed.

Tech Time

The internet is your new best friend when it comes to pre-wedding organization.  As much as we love some good old fashion snail mail, why not put the world wide web to good use.  Create a wedding website as a one stop shop for your guests to find out important day-of and pre-wedding information. Reach out to local hotels for your out-of-town guests and secure a block of rooms with a discounted rate. Include links for easy access to bookings. Put together a list of special sights, restaurants, and activities for anyone who will be looking for things to do that weekend. 


While you’re at it, go ahead and add a place on your website for guests to let you know they’ll be there, or not, with one simple click. The upside here is your guests won’t forget to send back their card and you can start putting together your seating chart ASAP! Did we mention how many less reminder phone calls you’ll have to make?! Everybody wins!

Sealed with A Hit

When you think of wedding festivities, dancing the night away is probably high on your list! Add a fun twist to your R.S.V.P by asking your guests to write down a song they want to hear at the wedding. You can add a line like “I promise to dance if I hear__________”. Not only will guests enjoy brainstorming a tune or two but you’ll get a few fresh ideas as you’re making your playlist for the DJ or band.

Dress Code Mode

For anyone who’s unfamiliar with your wedding venue, they might appreciate a hint about what to expect when they’re planning their attire. Include a picture of your venue on your invite or your website so friends and family know if they’ll be doing a lot of walking, sitting outside for the ceremony, or just a sense of how casual or fancy to get!