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Jun 21, 2020

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Today marks Father’s Day, a time to celebrate Dad, the man who’s been with you from the start! Luckily this holiday isn’t the only way to show him how much he means to you. Ensuring Dad has a special place in your wedding festivities will mean the world to him. Here are a few of our favorite ways to create a whole new set of father-daughter memories!

Whether it’s a handwritten note from the heart or a present you think he’ll love, give your dad something to remember as the official father of the bride! Monogrammed cufflinks are something he can wear for the big day and many more occasions to come. A customized pocket square is another great accessory for his wedding look. And if you’re feeling extra sentimental, create a photo book from the early days up to the wedding. Leave the last page blank for a wedding photo-op to come!    

Getting creative with your dance moves isn’t just for the newlyweds! If he’s up for it, take a few dance lessons with your dad to prepare for your father-daughter dance. And the best part? Extra quality time together before the wedding!

From little girl to blushing bride, the first look is always an emotional moment! And the reaction on your dad’s face will be priceless! Carve out a time before the ceremony to share a moment that you can savor just for the two of you. Don’t forget to make sure you have a few tissues on hand!

If your father has a staple cocktail or a particular dish he’s always been known for, feature it as a part of your menu! Give it a kitschy name as a true ode to your dad! 

Let his talents shine! If he’s great at singing, speeches, or even a magic trick, share the spotlight with him so everyone can see just how great your dad is too!

Feature Photo by Jennifer Jane Photography