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Feb 6, 2022

Collection Spotlight


Real Bride Stories

If variety is the spice of life, then why not mix things up for your bridesmaid besties! With so many fabrics, styles, and 50 shades to choose from, why pick only one? We got you covered so you can select your mix and match made in heaven!

Bold Beauties 

Let your girls stand out in our newest shade Amalfi! This vibrant blue is reminiscent of the cerulean waters on the Amalfi coast. The bold and beautiful tone will be sure to shine when paired with a mix of our chiffon styles, giving you the perfect opportunity to let each bridesmaid have their moment!

Magical Metallics 

There’s no shortage of sheen when it comes to our silky satin styles but in our new bronze shade, it’s truly metallic magic! The lustrous look delivers on both styles and color, perfect for a fashion-forward fete.

Light and Lovely 

Keeping the colors light and fresh will help to keep your affair looking and feeling elegant and airy. Mix soft colors like sky and dewdrop for delicate dazzle, and consider mixing up the lengths to make sure each girl feels her most beautiful!

Pretty in Pinks

Pink is perfect in our book, so it’s no surprise that an array of beautiful blushes would make our hearts skip a beat! Start off with a pale blossom and blend into a cotton candy peony. Finish off your palette with a vibrant tint of rosewood for a magical mingling of color!