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Sep 1, 2022

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Real Bride Stories

Following the beaten path isn’t for everyone, especially when it comes to your wedding! If tradition isn’t your thing, there are plenty of details that can turn your special day into a truly unique celebration. Whether that’s breaking away from classic color schemes to switching up the entertainment, we’ve rounded up seven ways to make your wedding your own!  

Who says all brides have to wear white? Rocking a dark or colorful hue to say “I Do” is a memorable way to walk down the aisle! Make a bold move in Galadriel, style 1090 for an opulent onyx statement! 

Stroll toward forever with your other half! While tradition usually has the bride heading down the aisle on the arm of her parents, some couples are opting to walk down the aisle together

The father-of-the-bride dance is definitely sweet, but also not for every family. If you love the idea of a special dance with your mom instead, go for it!

A bridal party that chooses their own styles will definitely add an interesting aesthetic! 

Dancing isn’t the only fun your guests can enjoy! Try having entertainment like arcade games or a bounce house for a reception they’ll never forget. 

Forgo the customary venues for places that are outside the box! Think greenhouses, breweries, summer camps, or even a zoo!

While you may think of a wedding as a strictly dinner affair, there’s no rule that says you can’t go for a breakfast or brunch extravaganza instead! When it comes to celebrating love, any time of day is a good one!