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Jan 30, 2022

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Real Bride Stories

With all the details that go into wedding planning, sometimes you need a little reminder to create a day that feels authentic! Having a celebration that truly reflects you makes saying “I Do” even more personal.  From party favors to pets, here are six ways to share your love story on the big day!

1. Head down the aisle to a tune that holds a special place for you together. Whether it’s your go-to karaoke song, a full-on love ballad, or just your favorite dance party jam, an instrumental version will feel uniquely romantic for you two.  

2. Create custom cocktails! Sweet and fruity, or smoky with a little spice, you and your other half can pick your own signature sip. Don’t forget a cute moniker for each one!  

3. Welcome baskets are the perfect way to give your guests a taste of all your favorite things. From local knick-knacks to treats, family and friends will enjoy all the goodies that have your stamp of approval!

4. Well-traveled couples will love this one! Rather than traditional numbers, name each table after a place you’ve been together.  For an extra touch, add in the date you visited.

5. Your furry friend is cordially invited to steal the show! Dress your pup up to play ring bearer, or incorporate a snapshot of him or her on your cocktail napkins!

6. End the night with a farewell token! Couples with a green thumb can send their guests home with seeds to plant. If cooking together is your thing, heart measuring spoons would make a fabulous favor!