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Oct 22, 2019

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Real Bride Stories

The bride’s dress is always going to steal the show, but when it comes to your favorite girls standing by your side on your big day, you’ll want them to look stylish and chic as well! Picking a picture-perfect set of colors and tones to match is one art form we’re happy to help with! Here are some beautifully blended hues for each season


For wedding weather that’s typically hot and bright we’ve picked a scale of airy colors that will complement the season and each other! Start with pastel pinkish hues that include desert rose and blush, mix in wisteria and French lilac for a twist of subtle purple shades. A soft wave of color alongside your white gown is the midsummer night’s dream we’ve been waiting for!


A season filled with so much of nature’s beauty calls for a nice balance of earthy tones. Hues on the gold spectrum will let the rich red, orange, and yellows of autumn stand out while adding a touch of shimmer in the background. Pick from the chocolately fawn shade to the lighter champagne and latte colors. Something else to love about a neutral color is how well it comes together with more eccentric ones. So if you’re hoping to add in a streak of color, we love the combination of a moss green or sage with an otherwise tan palette.


When the weather cools down—and snows covers the ground—you should think about warming up more than just yourself, but your wedding color palette! Get inspired cozying up by the fire with rich dark hues like bordeaux and claret. With the combination of these warm shades, your bridesmaids will look smokin’. Or, if you truly want a winter wonderland wedding, go with colors like eggplant and storm for a more cool, icy look. These moody tones will perfectly complement the snow falling outside!


We’re all about color this time of year! If it reminds us of all the flowers starting to bloom, that’s an automatic A+ in our books! Your girls will be gorgeous in a pretty palette of pastels. Primrose pink next to a peachy shade of orange is what colorful dreams are made of. Another rainbow effect we love is putting a minty green with sky blue. Can you imagine how a sunny May day will capture the bright light of the colors? We can, and we’re all in!