70 Years of Excellence

Morilee has been setting the standard of innovation since 1953 when founder Evlynn Udell, alongside her brother Morvin Leibowitz, used her trailblazing spirit to start a business when few women did. This sense of purpose and ambition has been our driving force ever since. Together with the exceptional devotion and dedication of her husband, Arthur and son, Mitchell Udell, Morilee grew from a small family business in the heart of New York City's garment district, to a global brand authority and leader in bridal and occasion wear. We've taken these generations of passion and woven them into the core of our brand, creating iconic gowns that each become part of our own history. As we celebrate our 70th anniversary, we're infusing this same magical spirit into the future of the Morilee legacy and beyond, into the modern era.
"Morilee has become such an important part of the fabric of my being. As a designer, I've grown with this amazing company through endless opportunity to create beauty for our Brides, their families and friends. As we celebrate this incredible milestone in our lives, I am so appreciative to share in all the special moments I've been blessed to be included in, and look forward to continue making dreams come true"

Madeline Gardner

Chief Design & Creative Officer

The Artisans

Our expert artisans bring each design to life with personalized gowns made just for you. Each dress is hand-crafted by our seasoned dressmakers who ensure every bead is perfectly placed and every appliqué beautifully flows. Their years of experience have been carefully honed to create awe-inspiring dresses that are the heart of everlasting memories.
Our Legacy

From a New York City Family Founded Business to a Global Bridal Authority

Worn & Loved by Millions of Brides

Setting a Standard of Excellence in

Design, Fit, and Quality

The Future of Morilee

“My commitment and mission is to always celebrate and embrace the rich legacy of Morilee, while continuing to evolve and create an innovative and meaningful experience for all. Sharing in your lifetime of memorable moments and special occasions is what we at Morilee value and cherish most.”

Terri Eagle