How To Know You’ve Found The One

How To Know You’ve Found The One
Jul 27 2019

How To Know You’ve Found The One

And by the one, we mean your absolutely perfect, look no further, dream dress! Deciding to pull the trigger on the gown you’ll wear on the most special day of your life can seem a bit daunting. In a sea of beautiful dresses, how do you know you’ve made the right choice? Take a look at a few of the most common questions, and answers, a bride-to-be has as she searches for her one and only (dress!)

1. With so many styles, cuts, fabrics, where do I even begin?

Mermaid, tulle, ballgown, satin, illusion, you pick! When you first start looking for your wedding gown, don’t worry about the finish line just yet. Think of this as the ultimate chance to play dress up. If you’re not sure what style you like best, the only way to figure it out is a game of trial and error. Grab anything that catches your eye, so you can really see what features in a gown you love, and which ones you’re not super crazy about.

Featured Gowns: (Top) Renata, Style 5771, Ravenna, Style 5776, and Romina, Style 5772. (Bottom) Riva, Style 2077 and Reina, Style 2082

2. I’m torn between two gorgeous gowns, help!

You’re not alone! Since you may be trying on a flurry of dresses, you’re bound to be drawn to more than one. Imagine your best friend is getting married, and decides to buy one of those gowns for herself. Which one do you suddenly feel more upset about losing out on? That’s your answer right there! Make sure to give yourself the chance to try on the dresses more than once.  Don’t feel any pressure to buy your dress on the spot the first time you visit the store, it may take a couple visits to be one hundred percent sure.  

Featured Gowns: Style 2887 and Karlee, Style 8207

3. I found a dress I love, but it doesn’t seem like everyone else loves it as much. Should I keep looking?

You do you! Of course it’d be wonderful for everyone to unanimously agree that the dress you’ve chosen is their favorite too, but ultimately this is your big day! What matters most is how you feel, and which dress will make you the happiest bride. So we say if you want it, go for it!

4. What’s the single most important factor to consider before you say I do to the gown?

That you feel like the best version of yourself wearing it! Picture walking down the aisle to the one you love, feeling confident and beautiful. As long as the dress you’ve picked gives you that inner and outer beauty, then mission accomplished!

Featured Gowns: Raya, Style 2072 and Rosabel, Style 2076

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