Going Grand On A Budget

Going Grand On A Budget

Beautiful and bold doesn’t always have to mean breaking the bank! A glamorous affair may seem like a splurge, but with a little creativity, and attention to detail, your budget doesn’t have to go off the deep end. A few DIY tricks, focusing on getting the most for your money, and choosing your venue carefully, can work wonders in making your perfect party dreams come true. And there’s nothing you deserve more than a wedding that sparkles as bright as you!

It’s no secret that flowers are expensive! But beautiful bouquets and arrangements can still make a stunning impression without choosing the priciest ones. Earthy elements like branches and rocks can fill up tall glass vases beautifully and will come at a fraction of the cost of many of the traditional wedding blooms. Floating votive candles and petals have the same elevated appearance that’ll glow everywhere from your aisle to your tables!    

Looking incredible on your big day is top of the priority list, so don’t sacrifice on your dream dress! Try out local trunk shows that may offer a discount, or compromise on details like your shoes or jewelry, to ensure your gown is as gorgeous as you hoped.

Rather than a traditional sit-down dinner or buffet-style event, have a cocktail reception with plenty of upscale passed hors d’oeuvres. Think of it like having a trendy tapas dinner! Serve a few custom cocktails with fun accents and garnishes that’ll have your guests coming back for another!

Choose a venue that even on its own is full of charm. When you don’t have to fill a space with an overdose of décor, you’re already ahead of the game! An outdoor estate with an incredible view, a beach soiree, or a museum, all bring their own impressive character. They’ll be so much natural magic, that you won’t have to go over the top to create a lavish look.    

Hosting your celebration during the spring and summer seasons and on Saturdays will take a toll on how much you’re spending. Your money will go a long way if you opt for an off-season fete or a Sunday night affair. And in the end, all anyone will remember is what a glam night it was, not when!

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