Less Is More: A Style Guide to a Modern Minimal Wedding

Less Is More: Style Guide to a Modern Minimal Wedding
Franklyn K 

When you’re embracing love, there’s no measure for what’s too big or too small to celebrate! But these days especially, simple and sophisticated is a trend we are all in favor of. Achieving your dream wedding, while keeping things understated, means finding the beauty in the smaller details, and of course still falling for the dress of your dreams!

Just because they’re subtle doesn’t mean they aren’t show stopping! Flowers can get over the top if you let them, but scaling down by adding branches and greenery is still a floral fantasy in our books! That applies to everything from your bouquet, to your ceremony arch, to your tables. Pick a simple but colorful bloom to mix into the more natural woodsy arrangements.

Embrace the rustic elements you have to work with! Sometimes the bare minimum is actually quite beautiful all on its own. There’s a definite charm to letting exposed brick walls or wooden beams shine just the way they are. Plus the less distractions around, the more focus on the happy newlyweds!

Focus on the fabrics! If you’re sticking with an ultra simple color palette, then the room will really catch all the textures and dimensions you use.  Interesting geometric shaped chandeliers, velvet cushions, and sparkles on the neutral shades will be anything but basic!

Naked is in! For your cake that is! A clean cut tiered confection, sans icing, tastes as sweet and has a beautifully modern style to it. A light decorative pattern or even a few spare edible flowers can give you that extra touch of pizzazz. Placed on top of a more elaborate cake stand, that’s minimalist magic!

And alas there’s the dress! Simple and stunning, each of these dresses says Bride but keeps your look modern and fresh. This high neck halter and fit to flare crepe silhouette hugs you in all the right places while looking exquisitely elegant. And why not add a pop of fun with the keyhole open back! Satin with an off-the-shoulder cuffed neckline and a cascade of buttons down the back, there’s a very traditional bridal feel to this gorgeous gown. But with a simplified silhouette and effortless fit, it checks all the boxes!

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