Bold and Beautiful

Bold and Beautiful
Norman and Blake

As any color lover will tell you, why pick just one when you can have the best of the rainbow! From pretty pastels to vibrant shades, mixing and matching hues can create a striking impression for your wedding décor. Plus there’s the added bonus of adding warmth and dimension to your venue space. Time to get bright, bold, and beautiful!

Start off with a monochromatic neutral color like beige or ivory and then pick two to three vivid shades to create a glamorous color block. Shimmery silver and midnight blue is shiny and sophisticated, while rosy red and a glittering gold will be a majestic sight for the eyes!   

Summer can stay all year long with a combination of teal and golden yellow! Your besties will stun looking like rays of sun and sea in their bridesmaids’ gowns. Get artsy with a paint splattered canvas for your ceremony backdrop or a mural to gaze at during cocktail hour.   

An unexpected twist of tropical hues can transform your celebration to a posh paradise!  A tint of lime green, mango orange, flamingo pink, and a punch of purple can drench everything from the silky table linens to the colorful candy bar.

We’re seeing pink! Ranging from soft blush to cheerful bubblegum, to lush magenta, this feminine sorbet shade will wow in everything from your floral arrangements, to a sultry pair of heels under your gown, to your sweet frosted cake! 

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