Honoring The Heroes

Peyton Rainey Photography

On the day you’re celebrating your love, honoring the heroes in your life is a beautiful way to bring two worlds together. Whether it’s the one you’ll be saying “I Do” to or the memory of someone you want to keep close at heart, it’s a great time to salute those special few. Since tomorrow is Veteran’s Day for all those brave men and women out there, here are a few of our most creative and loving ways to toast and tribute!

From the army to the navy, to the air force, a uniform is definitely a big part of veteran culture! Especially if the bride or groom is part of the service, incorporate the attire into the wedding day look. Groomsmen in their matching uniforms look incredibly regal and add a traditional touch to the ceremony!

Have some fun with your dessert or cocktails, and get deep into the theme! The Southern Comfort based “ At Ease!” or the colorful blue curacao filled “Stars and Stripes” drink will have everyone feeling patriotic! And go for some custom flag cookies to accompany your wedding cake.

If there are passed loved ones you want to pay homage to, display any medals, badges, or ID cards that belong to him or her alongside other special family photos you might be including. This can also be a great place to include a donation plaque if you’ve made a contribution to a charity or a veteran-related fund.

Sometimes just knowing someone is with you is all that matters! Which is why sewing in a patch of fabric from their uniform underneath your gown will make you feel as close as ever to the one you want to remember.

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