Plenty of Plants

Plenty of Plants
Garfield Park Conservatory

Whether you’ve got a green thumb or you just can’t resist plain old gorgeous greenery, designing your wedding décor around the prettiest plants will transform your venue into a fantasy forest! Everything from a wall of vines to potted blooms will elevate nature’s beauty to the next level, and of course your celebration too!

Picture a glam greenhouse effect for your very own ceremony. Walking down the aisle under a series of floating planters, especially in a space with plenty of light and stark white furniture will look like the natural nursery of your dreams!

Going with fresh cut flowers over a more manicured arrangement adds an ethereal energy to the room. Sunflowers and chrysanthemums look particularly pretty for this. Put them in vases, tin buckets, or even can planters and run them down your tables or use them to surround your ceremony arch.

Herbs make a hearty filling for a bouquet or an arrangement. Alternate the varieties you use and switch between high and low centerpieces to add some texture and volume! If you go with lavender and rosemary you’ll even add a nice subtle scent to the room.

Splash color into the overall more natural palette you’ve created with flowery plants like hibiscus’, dahlias, or zinnias. Mix them in with other green plants you’ve used or let them stand on their own as a cheerful and colorful addition to the décor.  If you love the idea of a flower wall, this is a great chance to mix up the shades and plants you use, so that they all come together in blooming harmony!

Whether you use them to hand out table arrangements or for a sweet take-home favor, mini potted plants are a cute way for guests to remember your special day. Plus they add a unique touch! The fact that they’ll look stunning on the table waiting to be picked up is just a bonus!

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