Locks We’re Loving!

Vangelis Photography

Great hair never needs an excuse to be celebrated, so we want to round up our favorite styles! From classic upsweeps to lovely waves, your tresses play a big part in your wedding day style. Playing dress-up definitely includes going glam with your hair! Styling those locks to look like a bridal queen means the fun is just getting started!    

Boho Braid

There’s no doubt about it, the braid is in! A French style fishtail braid is part mermaid magic and part intricate art form. For an even more special transformation, entwine a cascade of gems through it for a healthy dose of sparkle. And for the boho goddess girl, the crown braid is the perfect harmony of elevated updo and relaxed romance.   

Whimsical Waves

The perfect way to look effortless! Embrace your inner beach babe with tousled layers of loose curls. Picture wild and free with a touch of staged style.  A pin-up of flowers off to one side or in a half-up sweep will emphasize that free-spirited side of you.  Whether you’re rocking a short and sweet do’ or you’ve got long and luscious locks to show off, you’ll be a vision for sure!

Beauty and the Bun

What do you get when you mix ballerina beauty with regal charm? A classically gorgeous updo that’ll always pass the test! Go high for all the way over-the-top sleek sophistication. Or let it lay low with a twisted textured feel. Entwine a strand of baby’s breath or a subtle braid for a small hint of something special.  With a swept off-your-face look, there’s extra emphasis on your neckline and face, so feel free to show off a pair of dangling earrings!  

A Pretty Pony

Take the cute and casual ponytail and infuse some major va-va-voom! This is definitely not your average everyday pony. Volume and pouf can go a long way in creating a sexy and sultry high style. Wrap it up with extra strands of hair or even a silky satin ribbon for a modern vibe. Voila, you’ve got yourself a bombshell pony!