How to Ask Your Bridesmaids “The Question”

Zulie Rego Photography

Aside from that BIG question, there’s only one other that gives us those kinds of butterflies! Popping the bridesmaid question! Asking your besties to stand by your side on your wedding day is like the pinnacle of friendship, so you might as well go all out when it comes to making this bride tribe official. For the girls that know you the best, have some fun reminding them how you’ve made it this far together!

Picture Perfect Puzzle

Get mini puzzles printed with photos of you and your bffs. Let your girls know that the only “piece” missing from your big day is her! Not to mention what a cute keepsake this will make!

All Made Up

Everyone loves something pretty and personalized! And if it holds all the necessities for playing dress-up at your wedding, even better! Give your gals a monogrammed makeup case filled up with glam goodies that they can enjoy using long after you’ve said I Do.

Lucky Lotto

Take a gamble on friendship with a stack of lotto tickets! The secret? One of them will reveal your true intentions! Mix in a bridesmaid proposal scratch-off in the midst of the rest of them, so there’s a fun surprise waiting!  

Manicured Magic

If there’s one thing we love more than a fabulous nail polish, it’s one that has a clever and kitschy name. Give your besties customized polish you can use to offer them a bridesmaid invite. Can we say pretty please!

A Sweet Spelling

When all else fails, turn to chocolate! There’s plenty of bespoke chocolate shops that’ll spell out messages with gourmet chocolates. No need to wait for Valentine’s Day for this delicious treat!

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