A Virtual Vision: Tips on Planning a Virtual Wedding

A Virtual Vision: Tips on Planning a Virtual Wedding
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Nothing can come in the way of love, so while weddings are looking a little differently these days, celebrations are still in full swing! And of course, part of making your Mrs. status official is sharing the fun with your family and friends. Covid may be keeping us apart, but luckily there are all kinds of technology to bring us together! Planning your virtual vows is just a click, and a few creative steps, away from becoming the new version of your dream day!

Pick a platform and stick with it! Whether you go Zoom, Skype, or any other option, be sure to think through all the possibilities. Will you want your guests to be able to speak with one another? Do you want an administrator to let people “in”? How interactive will the event be? Whatever the answers might be, do your research and choose the platform that best suits your needs!

Calling all technical difficulties! A rehearsal has never mattered more to make sure you avoid any last minute glitches. In the days leading up, pick a few friends that’ll help test out that the platform is up and running the way it should be. While you’re at it, play around with the lighting too, so you’re screen ready!

Keep the background beautiful! Whether you’ll be in your living room, backyard, or a public park, glam up your space!  Simple can definitely still be sophisticated with the help of a few props. Ribbons, balloons, flowers, and potted plants can do wonders for transforming the look your guests will see when they tune in.

A screen may be separating you from your nearest and dearest, but that doesn’t mean you can’t toast together! Come up with an easy cocktail beforehand so guests can plan to sip and celebrate with you in unison. For your big day, everyone can enjoy some bubbly!

A good playlist is always the way to go! Near or far, music is a universal language, so turn up the volume! If you have a “waiting room” before the ceremony begins, let guests enjoy some tunes to set the upbeat tone for the day. The same goes if you’ll be walking down an aisle and after you seal the deal with a kiss! That sounds like a whole lot of love in the air!