Please be aware that purchasing gowns on the Internet through a non-authorized Mori Lee retailer is NOT recommended by Mori Lee. As a buyer, you will be doing so at the risk of receiving a counterfeit gown of lesser quality.

Many brides who have ordered their gowns over the Internet at “discount” prices have sadly been faced with receiving an incorrect style or size, wrong or different colors, defective dresses, used gowns, and in some extreme cases- the bride does not receive a gown at all.

While we understand that in today’s difficult economic times, finding the “best deal” is important, we also know that compromising quality and service to save a few dollars can result in a dress disaster. Our gowns are all constructed from quality fabrics and materials and should therefore have consistent pricing across all of our authorized retailers. Finding a shop or web site offering one of our gowns at a substantially lower price than other shops, can likely result in receiving a counterfeit gown of much lesser quality.

Mori Lee is committed to meeting and exceeding your expectations. We pride ourselves in our commitment to provide you with excellent quality gowns for your special day. For this reason, we strongly encourage you to visit one of our local authorized Mori Lee retailers to ensure that a trained bridal consultant treats you with the care and knowledgeable service you deserve!
PLEASE NOTE: This chart isprovided for reference only.
Mori Lee and its Authorized Retailers cannot take responsibility for measurements taken by any persons other than employees of Mori Lee or its authorized retailers.